There is more to transportation savings than just finding and negotiating the lowest rates. The biggest savings are found in improving processes and solving the problems that lead to wastes of time, materials and efficiency. Adams Logistics, both 3PL & 4PL Services (Third Party Logistics Services) is your resource for supply chain improvement. By working with us, we will identify the opportunities, create plans to address them, and help you execute these plans to achieve the desired results.

Many solutions will provide immediate benefits with no extra costs involved. These will be tackled first, to insure any wastes are immediately diagnosed and cured. Other situations may be more challenging in nature and may require investments in systems, people or capital to implement – but the benefits that result from that expense will be presented in a way that is justified by the long term positive results.

Solutions often evolve from the following areas:

Logistics Expertise

Many companies operate with a small budget for staffing, which only manages the day to day business. It can be hard for these groups to take a few steps back and look at the bigger picture for new ideas that can add efficiency to their transportation strategy. By partnering with our experience logistics team, we can provide that invaluable perspective that focuses on finding opportunities in your operation.

End to End Supply Chain Analysis

Many variables affect the profitability of your operations; transportation costs, fill rates and service levels, inventory carrying costs, warehousing costs, processing and capacity constraints, and many more. By analyzing the entire supply chain, we can study the balance between all of these factors and look for opportunities to shift the timing, capacity, or speed of how your supply chain moves. Any gaps that are identified, are opportunities for additional savings.

When you choose Adams Logistics to partner with your business, we begin a journey to immediate and long term savings for your supply chain. We leverage our knowledge base to help our customers optimize their supply chain performance. You need to spend time and resources to grow your business, not trying to manage non-core competencies like logistics and supply chain strategies. We are your one stop source for warehousing, transportation management and supply chain solutions.